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6 Must-Have Features of a Good Water Purifier

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There are many water purifiers in this saturated market; lots of them have unique features and brand new innovative ways of purification. But, as an end user, things can get really confusing.

All the purifiers do get the job done, but most of them lack many exciting new features that can only be found in few water purifier models. Regardless of the price, when you are buying a water purifier, you should buy only high quality ones, because it is to keep you healthy and away from diseases.

Another crucial thing to remember is not to forget reading water purifier review of the model finalised by you, along with the following aspects –

  1. Real Time Monitoring:

Many water purifiers now offer real time monitoring. This means that they would keep checking if the water that is purified has any kinds of problems, which could cause health problems for the consumers. This is a must-have feature as it warns the user before he/she drinks hard and impure water, saving them from potential health problems later on.

  1. Multi-Function Touch Display:

Water purifiers nowadays come with multiple features. Therefore, they help the users to control these multiple functions using a touch screen display. This display allows the users to monitor the flow rate of RO, filter’s lifetime, time, water quality of purified water etc. These touch displays provide a convenient way of controlling the filter-change alarm, as well as UV-fail alarm, due to which, you can keep these settings personalized.

These keep the users informed about what kind of water they are drinking so that there are no unpleasant surprises later.

  1. Mineral RO Technology:

An RO purifier should have this technology as without this technology, the process of reverse osmosis would remove the essential minerals as well and make the water distilled and unfit for drinking. With mineral RO technology, you can be certain that the essential natural minerals would stay in the purified water using the controller for TDS (Total Distilled Solids). This ensures that the water is 100% safe to drink, and has all essential minerals and tastes awesome as well.

Always buy a purifier with mineral RO technology.

  1. Double Purification Option:

RO technology only removes chemicals and salts, but is unable to remove invisible viruses and bacteria. If your purifier has just RO, you won’t get completely pure water and may get water-borne diseases. A purifier with both the technologies is always a better pick.

  1. Capacity:

The higher the capacity of the water purifier, the more pure water it can store at once. Another capacity is the amount of water the purifier can purify at once. If this capacity is higher, the water gets purified quickly. Therefore, always go for a purifier with higher capacity of the amount of water it can purify at one go. This capacity is generally given in litre per hour basis.

These features enhance your water purifier and ensure that the water is in pure form for your good health and well-being.


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