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Affordable Backyard Upgrade Hacks

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When the weather is warm and the days are long the backyard is one of the best places to retreat to. You can spend some time in the sun, play around with the kids, entertain guests, and even prepare meals. Yet, if your backyard is a bit rundown, it may be a bit hard to enjoy any of these things. Fortunately, there are a few improvements you can make to your backyard that won’t cost you a lot.

Grass Seed and Mulch

First up, a dry and patchy lawn isn’t good for appeal, nor does it provide the best place for your kids to play. You can easily bring your lawn back with some grass seed. Till the dirt just a bit and place seeds all around paying close attention to the bare areas. Then, spray the grass with some water and over the next few weeks, you should start to see a more green lawn. For areas where you don’t want grass, you can add mulch or landscaping stones for appeal.

Landscape Lighting

If you enjoy sitting in your yard on a warm summer night then you’ll want to have some light. Landscape lighting doesn’t have to be expensive either. They have affordable lights that are powered by solar energy. They come in various colors and styles and can easily be stuck in the dirt along paths, near gardens, or other areas in the yard you’d like to illuminate.

Paint the Deck or Patio

Does your deck or patio look worn down? This tends to happen with time and exposure to various weather conditions. You may not have the funds to have them rebuilt, but you can consider taking out a payroll advance to update your existing patio or deck. Borrowing a few hundred bucks for some outdoor paint is an affordable and quick way to change things around. You’ll need to properly treat the surfaces, but then you can change the deck or patio to be whatever color you’d like.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are commonly found in backyards. They are great for decor and can help to separate various areas of the yard. You can have a walkway leading to the pool, another to the patio, and perhaps on going to the front of the house. Stepping stones are affordable and easy to install.

Portable Fire Pit

If the summer nights tend to get a bit chilly where you live, or you love using your extended living space throughout the year, a portable fire pit is just what you need. These small, but sturdy pits can easily be placed in the center of your seating area to keep you and your guests warm at night. It’s also perfect for families who love camping in their yard or making smores with the kids.

Lawn Furniture

You may not be able to pull out all the stops and invest thousands into a wicker patio set, but you can find some equally attractive alternatives. If your budget is really tight, you can always purchase plastic lawn furniture and spruce it up yourself. A few decorative pillows or chair cushions and some spray paint, for example, and make basic lawn furniture look a lot more attractive.

Your backyard is an extension of your home and is commonly a space that homeowners like to enjoy. Whether you’re camping out with the kids, hosting a birthday cookout, or just lounging in your yard after a long day at work, it deserves to be somewhere that makes you feel comfortable. The above-mentioned hacks should help you update your outdoor living space easily and affordably.

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