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All about Painting Residential and Commercial Spaces

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Painting, be it your house or your commercial space is very important to maintain the vibe and feel of the place.

Unlike former times when there was only a single kind of paint, today the markets are flooded with different varieties of paint. You can choose from glossy, matt, plastic, waterproof finishes to odorless paints.

You can find paints suitable for all kinds of purposes. If you are living on a beach city like Gold Coast, you can find professional residential and commercial painters on the Gold Coast.

Things to keep in mind when painting your residential or commercial space


What city you live in will determine the kind of paint to be used as well as the life of the paint. If you are living in a beach city, moisture and heat reduce the life of the exterior paint. You might have to repaint or touch up once in 3 years.

Direct heat and sunlight all year round also reduces the life of your paints.

Cities where heavy rainfall is experienced or exteriors that are subjected to water due to sprinklers are also prone to having low shelf life of paint.


Each room whether in residential or commercial space will need a different kind of paint depending on the look and theme of the room, as well as on how directly the walls are exposed to sunlight.

Some paints though more expensive than regular paints, come with assured guarantee of lasting up to five years. In the long run this might turn out to be more cost effective.


If people are allergic or asthmatic in the house, it is advisable to opt for odorless paints. This is so recommended as the paint smells have a tendency to trigger allergies or an asthmatic attack.

Things to keep in mind when looking for a painter

When looking for the best residential and commercial painters on the Gold Coast, you can consider the following tips:

  • You must opt for paint companies that will not only help you paint your space, but will also clean up thoroughly after the work is done.
  • Check out their previous projects to see their quality of work.
  • Make sure the company offers a guarantee for their work.

Painting your residential or commercial space adds life and spark not only to the space but also in the life of the user. Therefore, the choice of paints as well as the color of the paints should be made carefully and thoughtfully.

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