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Bring on the Fun: Décor with Personality

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Decorating a house, or even one room, can be incredibly fun. It gives you a chance to show your personality. Not all decorating opportunities are serious. It can be refreshing to take on a room that can have things that are out of the ordinary. You may often see creative items, such as lamps and bean bag chairs and wish you had somewhere to put them. Give yourself an excuse to bring these items home. Choose a room in your house, or even a corner, and allow yourself to get creative. There are a few ways to bring on the fun.

Get Artistic

Art is not always a necessity, yet it can really bring the look of a room together. You can enjoy a room with art that you love to look at. Since this is for your fun space, make it a point to choose something you would not put anywhere else in the house. Get wild with colour or find an artist with prints you can’t help but stare at. You can even find furniture in bold colours or paint it yourself. A desk can be painted a bright colour to be the focal point of the room. Creative efforts may also include fun cushions, blankets, or rugs. Check out Nathan & Jac luxury interiors online for some great ideas.


Accessories can be decorative or functional. It is a great feeling to find something creative that also has a great use. You can add a splash of colour or art with things such as pencil holders and other desk accessories. You can never have too many throw pillows or blankets. With the new hard floor trend, floor cushions are widely available in many colours and materials. If you are decorating a reading room, for example, a comfy corner with bean bag chairs, add a decorative bin for the extra blankets. You can also leave some colourful journals with decorative pens in a basket on the bookshelf. Find small things that can be placed around the room to brighten it up.

Break the Rules

There always seems to be some decorating rule when it comes to colour schemes, fabrics, and types of furniture. Get a little rebellious when it comes to your fun space. Shop for items that make you happy, not items that fit into ideals from a decorating handbook. Go ahead and use four different coloured chairs or form a collection of artistic plates instead of buying a matched set. Add something hot pink, even if everyone else says it’s only for a little girl’s room. Paper lanterns, velvet pillows, and faux fur can all be a part of your extra fun space, no matter what the rules say.

Decorating is a great way to express yourself. It also gives you a chance to try out new things. Take the time to find things that make you excited to spend time in your new room. If that means making things mismatched or revisiting your childhood, feel free to break some rules. This is the time to spontaneously pick up new pieces for your home. Bring out your inner designer while organising your fun room.

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