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Creative Ways To Spruce Up Your Home

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Adding a new little spruce to your home all starts with a little bit of imagination. Your imagination can go a long way, and can often keep you from needing a big budget to redecorate your home. The truth is, over a few years you naturally accumulate big and little things that you may consider clutter at first glance, but can actually be cute hidden treasures. One of the hidden treasures that you don’t want to find are pests. They can hide in that clutter and multiply before you know what happened. The first thing you need to do is call a professional and have them come and assess the situation. Contact Moxie Pest Control for your pest control needs.

The first thing you need to do when decorating your new home is to make each space as bare as possible before you start so that you can see the space unaltered and start from the very beginning. You can then follow these tips to re-decorate your space with things you already have so it comes at little to no cost to you.

Use footstools as side tables

Most people more than likely have a footstool lying around the house, probably in storage somewhere because no one sits on footstools anymore, and they are usually not sturdy enough to climb on. You can repurpose these stools and make them into an adorable side table instead! You can easily stain them to match the rest of your decor and put them alongside a couch, a chair, or put a few step stools of different sies alongside each other. Put a small vase of flowers on top, and you have a beautiful, modern side table.

Give your dining room chairs a make-over

Having a monochrome dining room table and chairs can make your dining room area feel a little boring and the same as everyone else’s. One fun way to change up your dining room look is to paint the chairs a different color than the table, but still coordinating. You could also mix and match the chairs from your dining room set and your kitchen table set so that it looks intentional, but gives the eye something unique to look at and breaks up the autonomy.

Turn your cabinets into open shelves                    

One way to instantly update your kitchen is to remove the doors from your cabinets. This will instantly make your kitchen look more open and airy, and can even look more modern as this is a new trend coming on the scene. Once the doors are removed, you can paint them in and outside of the cabinets giving them an updated paint color, and then arrange your beautiful china or patterned plates, and even vases of flowers so that they stand out and immediately catch the eye of anyone who walks into the kitchen.

Simply move lamps and lampshades around

Every room in the house has floor lamps and/or table lamps in most or all of the rooms in your home. One way you can seemingly drastically change up your home’s decor is by changing your lamps around and even mixing and matching the lampshades onto different lamps so that they get a fresh look as well. switching around lamps and their lampshades can give you an instant fresh look in your home and it doesn’t cost you a penny!

Redecorate one room at a time

When you start redecorating your home and freshening it up, do it one room at a time. Start by removing all the little things like pictures on the wall, lamps, vases, little decor items, etc. and remove them from the room you are working in. Then begin by repositioning the big furniture like your sofa, the bed, the area rugs, bookcases, and entertainment centers. Once you have the furniture just the way you like it, you then start adding in some decor that you already have but that may have been in other places in the home. This allows you to envision what you want and use what you already have to bring that vision to life!

Don’t just throw your books onto a bookshelf

People often just throw books onto their bookshelves and put them on there however they will fit. This gives the entire shelf a disorganized look which in turn makes an entire room look messy. Instead, give your shelf a fresh, organized look. You can do this by arranging all the books from tallest to shortest on most of the shelves while laying down some books that are too big and putting some small home decor pieces on top.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to redecorate your home and give it a fresh look. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and repurposing what you already have to modernize your home and make it look clean, organized, and brand new again.

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