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 Five Ways to Customize Your Bathroom

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Thinking of selling your house some time soon? A customized bathroom design Baton Rouge may be able to help you boost your home’s appeal. Real estate experts say that remodeling your bathroom is one of the best ways to command a better price when you put your home on the market. Here are some of the latest trends in bathroom remodeling.

  • Asymmetrical wall mirrors: Except for the curvature of the bathtub, bathrooms tend to be rooms with a lot of straight lines. Unusually shaped mirrors can break that visual monotony. A rounded mirror or a star-shaped mirror will liven up the room without breaking the bank. You can also find mirrors with LED lighting and dimmers that will respond to voice activation.
  • Marble: Marble has always been one of the most popular materials in bathrooms, but the past few years has seen an escalation in the use of one-piece floor-to-ceiling slabs. Most designers recommend using monochrome marble in shades of white or off-grey. Too much grain or color variation may make your marble bathroom look overly busy.
  • Tiled accent walls: Tiled accent walls are an integral part of traditional Middle Eastern architecture, and they are becoming increasingly popular throughout the U.S. as well where they’re often used to accentuate bathrooms and kitchens. The most popular patterns are those with chevron, hexagon and diamond shapes, but handcrafted tiles with more representational designs have caught on, too. Accent tiles are used most often in backsplashes, wall splashes and flooring.
  • Textured bathrooms: Some innovative designers have started playing with textures in bathrooms. The bathroom may use a relatively narrow color palette, but one wall may be rough while another wall is smooth. This kind of subtle mixing and matching adds a lot of visual interest.
  • Technological enhancements: Technological bathroom enhancements often entail a larger remodeling budget, but buyers really appreciate them. Why not install a floor heating system or a smart control that allows someone to calibrate the water coming out of the showerhead to a precise temperature? You can even find showerheads with built-in speakers so shower-takers can sing along with their favorite tunes.
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