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How scented candles affect your mind and body

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Ever wondered as to why a specific smell reminds you of specific situations or people? To put it simply, your olfactory bulbs(responsible for sensing smells) is also connected to your body’s limbic system. So whenever your body encounters a specific smell related to some significant memory it records for future references.

For instance, the smell of gasoline in an unusual place might warn you about some upcoming danger. There are of course more complex memories and their respective smells, but that’s a story for another day.

If you were to guess your possible mood if you were put into the above situation, your answer would be tensed or anxious. Why? Because something unusual is happening and humans always prefer familiarity over the unknown. So we see how a particular incident, more precisely a particular smell can induce a memory or a specific state of mind.

Using this knowledge, we can manipulate the mind into certain states with the help of different fragrances. You can either feel relaxed, energized, or totally sloppy based on nothing but the smell. The process is also completely harmless, provided you buy natural candles and not the paraffin ones.

It makes you feel like home, even when you’re not at your house. Suppose you went on a camping trip or living in a hotel. many people have trouble adjusting to this change of place. They either have trouble sleeping or just feel uncomfortable. If you’re one of those people carry any scented candle that you have been using for some time. Once you light it, the room will be filled with a familiar smell, which will make you feel like you’re more at home.

It also gives a personal touch to wherever you go. after a while, people will recognize you by your smell as well. It’s a personal experience.

As an endnote here are something you shouldn’t do with your aroma candles as it will ruin your experience and leave you with a tasteless stingy experience.

  • Don’t use them to mask bad odors in your room
  • Don’t buy cheap, buy the good stuff that’s guaranteed to be natural
  • Don’t light and forget, safety reasons
  • Don’t light more than two as it will make the room too smelly for your own taste.

Scented candles are a great way to alter the psychology and to some extent the physiology of your body. Click here today and get some awesome deals on scent candles from some of the best available collections in your vicinity.

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