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Large Canvas Prints – A Great Choice for Decorative Wall Art

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Large canvas prints have become increasingly popular among those who appreciate fine art and those who have an interest in interior decorating. It is the quality and versatility of large canvas prints that has captured the imagination of buyers across the globe looking for a statement piece of large wall art.

For those who want faithful reproductions of museum quality art, ‘Giclée Prints’ or Archival Prints are the perfect investment in classic art pieces – but do not require the large sums that auction houses and fine art dealers require for an investment in art.

It is not only the high-end, expensive original art pieces that are reproduced as large prints. Amateur and professional painters and artists alike also make use of this printing technique in order to release their one-of-a-kind works to the broader public, as well as limited editions of their original art and photography.

Museum quality large canvas prints are actually manufactured using sophisticated inkjet printers, but they have been specifically designed to take advantage of the print properties of museum quality canvases and fine art papers.

Professional Canvas Prints Offer Lifelike Quality and Lasting Durability

The matt finish and weight of the paper or canvases are for extremely high-quality printing. In fact, such is the quality of the inks and printing processes that are used in producing Museum Quality prints that experts are of the opinion that they could last without fading or significant degradation for over 100 years. Archival-grade lacquer is often applied to the prints, adding to the UV and moisture resistance of the pieces. Modern giclee canvas printing techniques often require no additional enhancements to produce a life-like reproduction that will last a lifetime.

The longevity of these pieces allows them to be referred to as ‘conservation grade’ prints. Many professional manufacturers and canvas printing companies will also offer framing services. For those intending to display fine art of museum grade, this service is highly recommended and the addition of acrylic glass to add another layer of protection to the piece is also a service that should be explored if using paper prints.

Express Your Taste with Custom Wall Art

Big canvas prints are also exceptional choices for those who want to transform a living space into a unique expression of their own individuality and taste.  Although they can be considered an investment, large canvas print reproductions are not primarily aimed at the investment market in the art world, but moreover they are a great way to make an affordable, yet stunning decorative statement as large wall art pieces.

Museum Quality Prints Are Affordable

It is worth noting that the large canvas printers that are used to produce large wall art for home decor purposes are often the same (or very similar) to those used to produce museum-quality prints for the high-end art houses and retail markets. There may be a difference in the inks used or the processes, or even the material on which the image is printed; however, a reputable art print house will usually provide exceptional reproductions of any quality digital images.

Most of the top studios will have an enormous library of digital images and a variety of finishes and sizes that can be ordered. Aside from these offerings there will also usually be the option of supplying unique digital images or images that have been shot by professional photographers or indeed the homeowners themselves. This makes acquiring these beautiful prints much more affordable than commissioning an artist for a one-off painting or photograph.

Hire an Expert – Image Quality is Key to Reproducing a Great Canvas Print

However, the quality of the image will dictate both the permissible size of the final art and the quality that can be achieved. It is best to check with the experts at the printing studio prior to submitting images. Canvas Giclee Printing is one such expert printing company who is a great resource for large canvas printing and can also provide all the necessary info regarding image quality and available print sizes all the way up to 54” x 120.”

Large canvas prints are an attractive, striking addition to any home. For those with a love of the visual medium, they are an option well worth exploring.

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