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Learn Few Details About Large and Small Poles, Pilings & Posts

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Various Building poles and pilings are usually treated or untreated and some of them maybe kiln dried or wet. There are various applications of such poles and pilings. Somewhere it is used for utility poles and at some places, it is used as house pilings and columns in order to retain wall pilings to sign poles or barn poles. You can also get as per your required length, cut or shape that you may need.

In all kinds of building products, the treated pilings are of .60 pcf or higher. They are kiln dried before the treatment to make sure that there is maximum penetration of the preservative.

What are the benefits of building with pilings and poles?

  • Due to reduced heartwood pressure, the life span of pilings and poles get longer
  • In order to match with the existing décor, they can be stained, sanded or painted
  • As compared to dimensional timbers pilings and poles are much stronger and suffer lesser warping
  • Superior strength and long-life span make them very cost effective

For longevity kiln drying

Most common failures of post or poles are because of decaying and rotting at the ground. Therefore, by kiln drying the posts before they are actually treated, the life of the poles and piles can be significantly improved.

With the help of kiln drying excess moisture is pulled out from the pole or post so that pressure treatment can fully penetrate the wood. The cost of this process is not too high, but it can help in enhancing the life of the post to almost double.

For ultra protection and longevity use poly shield coated wood

You can greatly increase the life of the poles and pilings with poly wood coating, which is very specially engineered for wooden materials. These types of coatings can prevent the woods from termites and marine borers. This is a very cost-effective solution for creating a product that may last for very long time. If you create fences out of such poly coated wood then it will not rot on the ground.

Most of the utility companies prefer to use such coated woods as it can save plenty of labor and material costs. Besides that, its can increase the life of poles, protect the environment, can be drilled or cut as per the necessity. Therefore, it is a better idea to get such coated poles and pilings for different projects.

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