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Operating a Crane – What Does an Operator Actually Do?

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The duty of a crane operator is not to just move things around from place to place, but importantly to also make certain that every safety procedure has been carried out and followed through. The crane itself happens to be one of the largest, and therefore, most dangerous pieces of working equipment on Earth. For that very reason, people who are operating one of them have to be professionally trained and take their job seriously, and always be on the lookout for any dangers.

If a crane operator is operating a mobile crane that is moved from job site to job site, one of the most vital responsibilities for him or her will be to undertake a pre-operation inspection. This involves examining and making sure that all hydraulic systems are:

Not as simple as it looks

The crane operator’s job is moving heavy equipment or materials safely from one place to another, and often, that location is higher or occasionally lower than its original position, thus the necessity for a machine to do all lifting and moving. The operator must manoeuvre the main arm (boom) into the correct place, lowering a line and hook, which is then fixed to the load and then moved to its destination.

On some other tasks, a crane operator might be carrying out demolition with a wrecking ball. On all duties, the crane operator must be able to make the proper decision, and professionally use the many gears of a crane to make the right moves.

Definitely Not a Common 9 – 5 Job!

Crane operators may have to work long hours, and in difficult conditions and environments. Construction type of work has never been the sort of typical job where there is a steady shift and steady hours. Crane operators may be subject to fluctuations in the economy, or even seasonal weather fluctuations.

Those living in colder climes where it can freeze in the wintertime, and snow, may not at that time have many opportunities for operator work. During this time, some might have to seek out a secondary job to supplement an income.

Staying Informed

The crane operator must always maintain the very best channel of communication with other workers nearby. If this communications happens to break down, it is then the operator’s duty to rapidly sort out how best to carry on. Usually, this will mean the suspension of operations until all communications are back up.

And there you go, not as easy a job as it might seem, right? And, definitely not intended for anyone who doesn’t like taking on responsibilities! And most people think it’s all about pushing and pulling levers!

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