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Pros and cons of buying a semi-automatic washing machine

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Are you planning to buy a semi-automatic washing machine? As a buyer, it is mandatory to analyze each and every prospect of the product. From the price to the accessories, you should check out everything. While semi-automatic machines are suitable for the majority of the buyers, there are certain aspects that go against them. Here, we try to highlight the pros and cons of semi-automatic machines so that you can take your decision wisely. Further, if you want more information, in addition to the pros and cons, click here to check out the complete buying guide.


  1. Reasonable price

Semi-automatic machines are the most economical ones in the washing machine segment. The price range starts at an approximate price of Rs 6,000. However, if you desire more features, the price keeps on increasing. But you will get the best semi-automatic washing machine at an approximate price of Rs 10,000, integrated with all the essential features.

  1. Control over washing procedure

As the name suggests, a semi-automatic machine renders greater authority to users while washing clothes. You can set the timings and modes, interrupt the washing process in between to scrub clothes, and so on. To be precise, you can wash as per your convenience. This is not applicable for fully-automatic machines. Further, you can adjust the water levels in the washing tub.

  1. Energy efficient

Semi-automatic machines are energy efficient appliances as the wash and spin cycles can be started and stopped as per your convenience. Since half of the tasks are manual, it consumes less energy. BEE has accredited most of these washing machines with high star ratings

4.   Water efficient

Semi-automatic machines consume less water during wash cycles. The amount of water depends on the type and number of clothes. Thus, you can adjust the water levels as per your requirement. If you live in dry areas, water management will not be an issue while using semi-automatic machines.


  1. Manual intervention

While semi-automatic mechanism suits most of the users, it is uncomfortable for some. If you prefer fully-automated procedures, then you should opt for fully-automatic machines. Washing clothes in the tub and then transferring them to the spinner can be a time-consuming task. This requires manual involvement.

  1. Hectic wash process

Some clothes require special attention and some stains are hard to remove. The semi-automatic machines do not have features that can cater to these problems in a wholesome manner. You have to perform a manual task of validating whether the stains have been removed or not. The process is hectic and time-consuming.

  1. Harsh of Fabrics

As mentioned above, semi-automatic machines don’t have suitable wash programs for different types of fabric and clothes. There will be 2-5 wash programs and you have to settle with these. Sometimes, these wash programs ruin delicate clothes. Fully-automatic machines have dedicated wash programs for all type of clothes and thus, you don’t have to worry about ruining your clothes in a machine wash.

  1. Precautions are Necessary

Semi-automatic washing appliance poses electrical shock risk. As it is an electrical appliance and water is used for washing, there is a possibility of an electrical shock if the material of machine is not up to the mark or if the wires are not earthed properly.

The best semi-automatic washing machine is the one that fulfills your requirements. However, consider both the pros and cons before finalizing your decision. If your budget doesn’t allow, you can search from a wide range of options available in the semi-automatic machines segment.

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