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Reasons to Hire a Professional Winching Company

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If your business requires heavy lifting expertise there are several winch and hoist services you can avail of to help you deal with challenging lifting or pulling jobs. Moving or lifting large machinery or industrial objects can be a dangerous task, so it is advisable to employ a specialist company who can provide the right equipment and knowledge to carry out a safe and reliable service.


Your company may require equipment for lifting or pulling heavy objects, carry out these procedures can be a risky process if you do not have any experience in this area. Specialised winch and hoisting companies have years of experience and have worked in a variety of different industries, helping to lift and move heavy, bulky commercial objects. They know the right type of winch to use and they have expert knowledge in the usage of lifting equipment. Safety is one of the main concerns on any site and choosing to employ a winching company is the best way to avoid any potential accidents or injuries.

Expert Knowledge

A professional winching company has years of knowledge and expertise in their industry, this includes working with various companies across a multitude of sectors such as:

  • Offshore/onshore marine loads
  • Mooring
  • Drilling – both offshore & onshore
  • Bridge launches

They understand what it takes to move and lift enormous objects which can weigh up to 10,000 tonnes, they are able to provide you with first-hand knowledge of lifting and pulling equipment. A good winch and hoisting company employ a list of highly skilled engineers to work for their business, each one has intimate knowledge of a wide range of industrial sectors. They understand industry regulations so they know exactly how to follow the appropriate procedures without having to be informed.

Professional Advice

Some companies know what type of winch or hoisting equipment they require for particular jobs so they do not need to much advice on this subject, they already know what they need and what they need it for. On the other hand, if you have no idea about what type of equipment to hire or purchase there are professional individuals on hand to provide you with such information. You simply contact the company and provide them with a list of information relating to the type of job you will be carrying out, once they have gathered enough information they will help you choose the correct course of action.

Excellent Customer Service

A reliable, professional winch hire organisation should be on hand to provide you with exceptional customer service, they must be accessible, free of charge, any time you require their services. For example, if you hire winching equipment and you do not understand how a particular control system works, you can call the company and rely your technical issue. A competent business will provide you with expert technical advice and support whenever you require it.

Dealing with a professional winching company gives you peace of mind, you know you are dealing with skilled engineers who can provide you with years of experience in the lifting industry.

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