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The Benefits of a Concrete Patio

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In the past decade, wooden decking for our garden became the most popular choice. But before that, concrete or paved patios were preferred because of their durability and design options. Now, hard materials like concrete, brick or stone. As homeowners who installed wooden decks now see after ten years there is a need to replace them because of rotting or warped wood, or because of the high maintenance of staining and sealing them every few years, people are now switching back to hard materials. Concrete patios are making a big comeback as homeowners now realize all the benefits they were missing out on previously. The future lies in concrete.

Easy to Maintain

Compared to other hard materials for your patio, and also wood decking, concrete is the easiest to maintain. Concrete is a solid, flat surface, so it’s much easier to keep clean and protect against the outside environment than paving slabs or bricks. There will be no lime or sand-filled joints between masonry units where grass and weeds can sprout, and there will be an even surface that prevents tripping hazards and is easier to place garden furniture around. Concrete patios don’t need staining and staining and resealing each year like decking does, and you’ll also see no wood rot or splintering.

Durability and Versatility

Concrete is a highly durable surface and can stand up to the battering it will take from weathering over the years. Particularly if you live in the north of England, you’ll find that concrete lasts for a good duration. So if you need patios in Newcastle or the northeast, you should consider a concrete surface as your first option. Another benefit of using concrete for your patio is it’s immense versatility. There are many design options, meaning that each concrete patio can look unique. There are also more recent colouring techniques and stamping tools, meaning that a concrete patio needn’t be a simple boring, grey surface. You can easily manipulate concrete into any shape, which means even the trickiest of tight spots can still be turned into a patio, and then using the staining and colouring methods you’ll be able to choose a colour that best matches the look and feel you want.


There are plenty of pattern and design options available for creating a concrete patio. These include stamped patterns, stencils, or exposed aggregate. You can choose your concrete patio to be designed to complement the outdoor landscape and your garden, or go for a look that more matches your indoor spaces. If you prefer, you can even make the concrete resemble other patio materials, such as wood, stone, and brick; but you still keep the versatility and durability of a concrete patio, so it’s all a win-win.

Concrete as Your First Patio Choice

Even though ten years ago wood was the most popular surface covering for our gardens, now the preference has shifted towards hard materials, and in particular concrete. It is much easier to maintain than wood or other hard materials, and is very durable and flexible. It can even be crafted to mimic other kinds of surface, even wood.  For several reasons you can see why concrete has taken over as the number one choice for patios.

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