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The Best Time to Perform Roof Cleaning in Coquitlam

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You wouldn’t want to leave your home’s roof unattended. Once there is damage, it could cost you a lot of money to fix it. It’s vital that you have the roof in constant check and in good maintenance.

In Coquitlam, the weather can vary. Roofs go through comfortable summertime, cloudy days, even cold, wet, and overcast winters. You won’t help but wonder when is the right time to fix your roof at all.

Can You Start Cleaning Your Roof Around Fall?

When it comes to roofs, the fall season is one of the most weather friendly. If you’re familiar with the process of roof cleaning, you can plan when and how to clean the roof. First is the treatment preparation, then the gutter cleaning, and finally the treatment.

Those are a few of the methods roofing contractors go through to maintain a roof’s good condition. It means that it could take time for professionals to clean your roof. It depends, however, on the amount of dirt or damage that it has gone through.

This means that you can’t just have your roof cleaned anytime. You need to plan well and plan in advance. When you have a maintained roof, there’s nothing to worry about when it goes under rough weather.


When No to Clean the Roof


It also matters that you know when you should avoid cleaning the roof. Not all types of good weather are good for roof cleaning. There are instances when the roof is in the best shape for any type of cleaning or maintenance.

When you have a saturated roof due to rain, treatment will not work. Avoid having roof contractors over at this point. Professionals mix their chemicals for each job that they go to. This means that light rain will unlikely to decrease its effect.

Hiring well-experienced roofing contractors will solve this concern. They know the right solution to compensate with the extra water brought about by the rain. Roof contractors can perform treatment operations in any kind of weather if it’s on the gutters.

When you have a shake roof, even professional roof cleaners will not be able to treat it if it’s wet. Most shake roofs need to be dry in order for the treatment to have an immediate effect.

Does Your Roof Need Cleaning Every Year?

If you ask most homeowners, many of them will agree that power washing of the home each year is enough. It’s true that power washing helps in cleaning dirty buildups and helps lessen any damage.

There are some roofs that respond to maintenance well with annual cleaning. Yet there are also other roofs that need more attention than only once a year. You need to know how the materials of your roof react to the weather. You should do this to get the best maintenance care for your roof.

You invested on your roof which is why it’s also wise to invest in professional roof contractors. A good roofing service will guide you on what are the best steps to clean and maintain your roof. They will also have the skills, experience,  and equipment to fix your roof when needed.

Roofing contractors handle roof replacement, roof restoration, roof painting, and roof maintenance. You can consult with them on what is the recommended weather condition for roof cleaning.

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