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What is the Best Solution for Eliminating Carpenter Ants?

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Carpenter ants have been relatively common in every household. The unique species of ants would prove detrimental to the overall health of your house or structure. They may not be harmful to humans, but they would look forward to causing heavy destruction to your home. You could often see carpenter ants in your house working their way in the wooden structure. They would lay their eggs in the wood and infest the entire house. You may often notice them or their passageway through the house walls. They would demolish the wooden structure rendering it weak, unsuitable and unsafe for humans to live.

How do you recognize carpenter ants?

Before you actually look for a solution to get rid of pest or insect infestation in your house, you should look forward to gaining knowledge and understanding about them. When it comes to insects, you should be rest assured that not all insects are alike. The species that may be hampering your home structure could be carpenter ants. The ants would not feed on wood, as that of termites, but they would pull out the wood from the structure and lay their eggs in them. They would make the structure weak by pulling out the brown. The carpenter ants are large and dark in colour. They would measure from 10mm to 13mm. Most carpenter ants would be red or black in colour. Having a relatively huge size, they could be recognized easily.

Need for locating the nest

After you have recognized the species of carpenter ants, it would be pertinent that you locate their nest. The best method of locating their nest would be to place a drop of honey where the carpenter ants have been sighted. The ants would gather around the drop of honey to eat it and eventually track back to their nest. Once you have the location of their nest, you could work on eliminating them from their house.

Exterminating carpenter ants from the house

When it comes to exterminating carpenter ants from the house, you would require professional assistance. Solution Cimex pour fourmis charpentière comprise steam treatment to exterminate them in an environment friendly manner. The company would make use of high temperature steam to eliminate the carpenter ants from your house. They would identify the point of entry and exterminate the queen. It has been deemed the best mode to prevent them from infesting the house again.

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